Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday - Tutorial: Vintage Chalkboard Ornaments and Gift Tags

These are a little time consuming (hence the very delayed Whimsical Wednesday post), but they are so easy...they'd work as either an ornament or as gift tags.  I made some using the little wood cut-outs from Michael's this weekend, but I forgot to take pictures before I dropped them off at my booth (which is almost an hour from our house).  I improvised to make them again today, so I could share them with you.

They are so cheap and easy..and there are so many ways to customize them to your taste.

I started by painting some thick water-color paper with 2 coats of chalkboard paint, and set it aside to dry.

I then visited one of my favorite blogs, The Graphic's Fairy, to find some great vintage clip art.

  I copied and pasted my chosen pictures into a word doc, re-sized them, and made sure I left enough room between them to cut them out. Then I printed them on white card stock and cut them out. 

Then, I tore a couple pages out of an old music book, and traced circles onto them using the lid from an icing container.  I cut them out - stacking the paper so I could cut several at once - and glued the card stock cutouts to them. (I used a glue stick, and laid a book on them to dry.)

Once the chalkboard paper was dry, I used the same icing lid to trace circles onto the backside of the paper and cut them out.

I attached the chalkboard paper to the music paper.

 I then took some fine grit sand paper and sanded lightly, paying extra attention to the edges.  See the difference between the first and second image?

Here's another:
Before sanding....

...and after sanding.

Then, I made a mixture of stain, black paint, and  a clear glaze. I blotted a little bit onto a rag, and rubbed it onto the image, again paying extra attention to the edges.

I liked the way the colored images turned out better than the black and white.  On the black and white ones, I went a lot lighter with the stain mixture, mainly just rubbing it around the edges of the circle.

Here are a couple more of the finished product:




I also made a couple that I just glued the card stock directly to the chalkboard paper: 
I the Ball jars, I opted to use wire over twine, to sort of emulate the top of a real canning jar.
Again, all of these images are from Karen at The Graphic's Fairy.

 And, here's how the backs look:

I'm thinking about adding some glitter to the picture they sparkle on the tree. Not sure though...
I also thought attaching some little charms or words might be cute...but I ran out of my crafting mojo for today.
Have you made any fun ornaments yet this year?  I'd love to see them if you have time to share. 
Hope you're having a great week...sharing this at these link parties:


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 take care -

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Cynthia said...

So pretty and vintagey! The chalkboard on the back is a great idea!

Ann said...

Love the look of these. Thanks for the tutorial. I might have to give these a whirl!

Pamela said...

These are great!! I am your newest follower!

Good Time Charlie said...

Such a very cute project, love the way they turned out. Visiting from French Country Cottage

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀@ A Lapin Life said...

Your vintage tags are wonderful!!!


Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Love those vintage collaged images!

Anonymous said...

What a really good idea. Thanks for sharing. Found you via Serenity Now.

Sherry said...

Very nice! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

Erin~Just*Grand said...

Love this idea! The chalkboard paint is so inspiring... I am new to blogging and I am happy to have found you, now a follower.
Merry merry!
Another Erin!
Btw- There are so many Erins blogging, I am amazed.
I never knew another Erin growing up, but there are lots of you younger Erins running around!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Erin, These are so cute!! I especially love the mason jar..adorable. Thanks for linking to the open House Party.

pam {simple details} said...

Erin, your ornaments are darling, I'd love to make some for gift tags, thanks for the inspiration!

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