Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Trash Wreath Made the Top 10 on CSI

I can't believe it but, my coffee filter trash wreath made the Top 10 on the CSI Project

If you haven't been to the CSI site - I totally recommend stopping by.  Each week they feature a different challenge - for example, last week it was fall wreaths, and this week it's "Kids Places and Spaces."   Needless to say, there is an endless number of awesome crafts, recipes, and design ideas.  CSI also has very talented guest judges that join them in their weekly challenges.

Their Upcoming Challenges:
  • October 30: Kids Places & Spaces
  • November 6: Thanksgiving
  • November 13: Slow Cooker Recipes
  • November 20: Advent Calendars/Countdown to Christmas
  • November 27: Kid's Holiday Crafts
Do you have any projects that you could link up for these categories?  I'm planning to post Max's bedroom for the "Kids Places and Spaces" challenge.

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween.  Our kids were napping at 6pm (when it started), so we resolved to stay in....I was in my paint clothes and mid-paint stroke when they woke up and we decided to try a couple houses.  It was then when we realized that Max's costume was way too small...but he seemed happy so we went with it. 
We loaded them up in their wagon, unsure of how our first Halloween would play out.  I do believe that Halloween may be Emme's favorite holiday because she LOVES to eat, especially sweets (yes, I let my almost-1 year old eat sweets occasionally)...she grabbed the full-sized Snickers and Crunch bar out of her bucket...and threw the bucket on the ground.  (Before you call children's services, don't worry, I didn't let her eat the Snickers and Crunch bar, but she looked pretty cute clutching onto them with her death grip.)  And Max, well, he tried to walk into peoples' houses and thought the whole bowl of candy was for him.  We had a great time. I'll share pictures later... 
take care -

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Miss Kitty said...

Congratulations on being in the top ten!!! I loved your wreath and the creative way you made the base for it. I can't wait to see pictures of your babies' trick or treating.

Shannon@FoxHollowCottage said...

CONGRATS! That is super awesome =)

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