Friday, November 4, 2011

Best Barn Sale Ever!! (At least that I've been to)

Today was such a fun day!  My mom (have you noticed a trend with my posts - my mom loves thrifting with me...and for me)...and I went to an awesome (and I mean AWESOME) barn sale in Granville, OH.  Granville is one of those picture-perfect towns where the sidewalks are always busy and all of the houses are old and gorgeous. The only commercial businesses are Subway and CVS.  It's home to Denison University (where Jennifer Garner and Steve Carrell both went to school) Of course, everything at the barn sale was set up beautifully, like a quaint boutique.
A cameraman from HGTV was there....that's how awesome it was.  Two sisters (who are AMAZING) have these semi-annual barn sales in a beautiful old barn.  We met their mom, their dad, their aunt - everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful.  
I found the cutest, very whimsical PINK old chest of drawers with 12 antique glass knobs for $70.  I could barely buy the knobs new at Lowes for that price.  I also picked up some scales, metal funnels, grain sacks, doors...all kinds of goodies.  It's all still in the truck, so I haven't taken pictures yet, but you know I will ASAP!
Also - I'm so THRILLED that over 50 of you have so kindly chosen to follow me.  What a great day it has been (if you're a mom, and you're familiar with the Fresh Beat Band...I feel like I should break into the song at the end of the show)  My baby girl  turns 1 on Sunday...I'm so happy to be here instead of where I was a year ago (a very unhappy, uncomfortable pregnant lady)...but I can't believe it's been a year already!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back with pictures as soon as possible.

Take care -

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Sue said...

Erin- We were a little disappointed with this year's barn sale~ not a lot of goodies like in the past. I picked up only a few things, but then went into Newark and shopped at the White Cottage where I bought oodles of pretties! Sorry we missed seeing you- maybe we can meet up sometime, though. :-) Sue

Pam said...

I went on Saturday and they were pretty much picked dry at that point. I knew I should have went on Friday!

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