Friday, April 6, 2012

The Bold Abode is Visiting Next Week!!!

Instead of taking calculus or bowling in college - I wish I could have taken a class in "how to get everything done in 24 hours".  Although, I think I would have failed.

Everyday, I come across women who would have aced "Living Efficiently and Effectively 101" without reading the book or taking notes.

I need to ask Gwen from The Bold Abode for lessons - super-mom and wife, home-schooler, SAHM, blogger, diy-er, animal-lover,...let me catch my breath...and she's funny as heck to boot! (she even makes up her own words 'n stuff!)  

Maybe in her spare time, Gwen should become a life coach because she makes this life-stuff look easy AND fun.

The Bold Abode

Guess what....Gwen is coming over here for a virtual play-date next week!  Yes ma'mm, the first ever guest poster on Salvaged Whimsy is the amazing Miss Gwen from The Bold Abode.  Be sure to stop by Salvaged Whimsy next week to check it out because she's more energizing than a 48oz cup of coffee!

These signs are a few I've made this week to restock my booth and etsy shop.  I did them like I showed in this post but I used chalk instead of crayon, and it worked a lot better.

They are painted on drift wood and reclaimed barn wood...and then distressed, or course.  I think I've done 1 piece of furniture in the past 6 months that wasn't distressed.  

Distressing is a must with 2 toddlers who like using your projects as a racetrack for their favorite toy cars.

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Have a lovely weekend!

Happy Easter!

take care -

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Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

I LOVE that beach sign. I went over to Etsy and droop led a bit. Nice work!!

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