Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday: GreenGate

Have you heard of GreenGate?

Relax, it's not a top-secret scandal involving the poor recycling habits of politicians...

GreenGate is a Danish company that creates and sells kitchen and home decor items.
Lovely, whimsical kitchen and home decor items.

Until last night, I'd never heard of it until I saw this pin:
I love polka dots. Love.

And the mixture of the patterns.

And the colors.

I had to see more.

dishes could be fun entertaining...better than usual, with these dishtowels!

Isn't it all wonderfully whimsical?
These pictures are all from the 2 most recent GreenGate catalogs.
I originally had about twice as many pictures in this post, but thought I should leave some of the fun for you... took me a while, but I finally found digital versions of their recent catalogs.

Here are a couple pictures from blogs showing how some incorporate GreenGate into their decor (click on the pictures to go to the blog - they are in Dutch)

Now, the not-so-wonderfully whimsical part of this post - although it doesn't seem to be expensive, it's not available (that I could find) in the US.  From what I've read, it's tremendously expensive to have it shipped here.  (One person said it was $150 to have a pitcher shipped.)

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The Bold Abode said...

Oh, how lovely! Dang it...maybe they'll jump the pond someday!

Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

Oh my goodness!! Those patterns make me want to don pearls, a sweet dress, heels and bake a cake for Mr. Cleaver! LOVE THEM!!!

I'm sad they aren't available in the States. Maybe you could buy a franchise?

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