Monday, March 5, 2012

Tutorial: Hanging Chalkboard Sign

Did everyone make it to Monday safely?  I hope so, after the horrible storms over the weekend.

If you know me, you know I love chalkboard paint...maybe a little too much.
I think half the stuff in my booth may be chalkboard-ed.

and that's just half my booth...there's more on the other side.

Seriously. I made chalkboard coasters. Go ahead, make fun of me. 


A couple weeks ago, I decided to chalkboard paint an old window, and was on a search for other things to paint when I came across some scrap wood of my husband's...

He already had it cut into nice little pieces for me. I drilled a couple holes.  
After drilling through one side of the board, my husband suggested running the drill through the hole from the other side to reduce the of splintered wood.  (You may want to sand over the holes too.)

Then, slap on a couple coats of chalkboard paint on all sides of the wood. 
 Once the paint dried, I sanded the  edges of mine for a distressed / worn look.
Finally, add string, ribbon, wire hanger of your length and choice...

Front - CLEAN

Back - DIRTY

Front -MAX

Back - Birthday

These are just a few options - but you could also do:
- Store - Open / Closed
- Office door - In / Out
- Kid's bedroom door
- Front door - "Welcome" or "We're in the backyard" or "Shhh, Baby's Sleeping"
- "Just Married"
- "Mr. / Mrs." or New last name
- "Feed the Dog" or "Walk the Dog"
-"Take your pills" or "Taken"

You're more imaginative than I am, so I'm sure you could thing of a million more uses...please comment if you think of something else.

I thought they'd also be pretty if you edged them in ribbon or trim - and they'd be pretty hung from a wide satin ribbon too.  The day I made them, I was working on about 5 different things at once, so I just used twine for them.

Have any of you tried making your own chalkboard paint using unsanded grout and paint?  Does it erase and work as well as the kind you buy at the store?  
The thought of endless color options makes me giddy with excitement!

If you're too busy to make one yourself, I have these chalkboards in my Etsy Shop and can customize them to your specifications.z

Thrifty Decor Chick (1st Monday of Each Month)
Kammy's Korner (Trash to Treasure)
Domestically Speaking (Paint Projects)
Faded Charm (White Projects)

Miss Mustard Seed (Furniture Only)
take care -

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Our Country Bungalow said...

My hubby brought home some chalkboard paint for me over the weekend. I was just sitting here thinking "hmm...I should do something with that paint" and then you come along with these cute ideas. I love the plain old wood all dressed up!

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

So cute, Erin!

Anonymous said...

Super cute idea and tutorial! Found you on AtoZ

Cynthia said...

Very cute idea good tutorial!

ImSoVintage said...

These are very cute. Thanks so much for sharing. I found and followed your lovely blog from The Charm Of Home.

kimmie said...

Those are super cute :)
I think you have all the possibilities covered too ... I can't think of another one to add :)

... And thanks so much for your kind words on my blog today! I'm headed over to (heart) your etsy shop right now!

xoxo, kimmie

kimmie said...

p.s. I remember (heart) your shop! It's those coffee filter wreaths - AMAZING,

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