Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday: Hot Pink Glitter Elephant

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

We were able to get our house into some sense of order (though the piano is STILL in the foyer) for Bryan's party on Saturday...but that didn't seem to stop anyone from having fun. We were outside most of the time anyway.

The cold I've had for over a week seems to be getting worse....I never get sick, and for it to last this long is a first.  That being said, I'm lacking motivation and inspiration today.

So, Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday -

I came across this hot pink glitter elephant on Etsy a couple weeks ago and was completely delighted by the whimsy of it...

and then there's this guy...

Glitter + Fun Colors + Cute Animals = WIN

These fanciful creations are made by Wish Daisy.  There are a whole array of colorful confections in her shop to suit many styles.

(As you may have guessed, I was in no way compensated for this post, I just thought this was something that might make you smile)

take care -

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The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Love those! Too cute!

Good Time Charlie said...

Those just make me smile! How fun.

The Bold Abode said...

And make me smile, it did!!!!

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