Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday: Purposeful Plates

When looking for inspiration for this week's Whimsical Wednesday, I came across this beautiful China plate-turned-mirror on Etsy:

and it made me think....hmmm, I wonder what other things have been made and repurposed using plates....

...chalkboards, of course.

But, I hadn't thought of jewelry like this pendant made from recycled china or

a pretty silver ring.

I love this little table made from a chunky candlestick and wooden plate.

What a beautiful way to display a favorite quote...this one is in a potting shed.

Or, forget the words, and choose a vibrant color palate to create a plate art gallery.  I love the asymmetrical look of this one.  

Simple, white, and symmetrical - this look also makes a statement.

Or, how about giving your plate gallery a little functionality by adding some hooks?
Kitchen Clock by Capricci
During my search, I came across several clocks, but this one was my favorite.

What about using it to display your house numbers?  I hadn't thought of that before.

Apparently, garden art made from stacked plates is pretty popular right now - or at least they are on Etsy.

But, I've never thought to use it as a garden border. 

 Using different patterns would be a beautiful and whimsical way to spotlight your landscaping. (Unless, like ours, your "landscaping" consists mainly of least the plates would be pretty.)

But, the final idea I came across is not only lovely, but it can serve as a life-saving device in an emergency...
China Knuckles by

I mean, if you're going to pack a weapon, might as well be fashionable about it.


Happy Wednesday...

take care -

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