Thursday, April 19, 2012

Driftwood Picture Frames

We are lucky to live in a lake community.

Besides the fact that I LOVE wearing a swimsuit for a quarter of the year....stifle your laughs, that was a blatant lie.  Thoughts are things, right?

But really, living near a lake has many benefits, one of which is driftwood.

...driftwood, you ask?

Yeah, driftwood.

If you know me, you know I like free stuff. 

Driftwood is free.

I also like natural stuff.

Driftwood is natural.

I've been collecting big pieces of driftwood since we moved here, and have a growing pile collecting in my garage.

The last time we took the kids to the beach, I noticed how pretty the smaller twigs and sticks were and picked up a couple handfuls.

(My sweet husband doesn't even bother to ask any more.)

The first project I decided to try was a picture frame.
So, using a natural-colored frame from the Dollar Store, I grabbed my handy-dandy (and nearly dead - is it bad when it smokes?) glue gun and went to work.

A couple tips if you decide to make one...
-- I suggest starting by covering the inner edges of the frame first, and then working your way out.
-- When you cut or break a stick, it looks better (IMO) if you lightly sand the tip (which I did not do on the one pictured here - it was my first try).

Another tip...make sure the font you use for your sign has an apostrophe*. 
(*If an apostrophe is required for your phrase)

I did not do this and didn't realize it until I came home from taking it to the shop

Here are a couple other frames I've made:

I made the inserts using backgrounds from Mel Stampz blog - there are lots of different background options there - and Picasa to add the words.

If you'd like to use one (or all) of my little inserts for any reason - 
they're all yours....but if you make a $1,000,000,000 from them, I expect a cut! ha!

It can't be enlarged very big, this frame is 4x6" and it was a little blurry.  But, I did fix the apostrophe!

I love this quote - I even painted it above a window in my last house.

And they're free.

Free is good.

Planning to share my little frame at these link parties:

take care -

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The Bold Abode said...

Free is AWESOME...just like your frame...sans apostrophe and all!

Diane said...

Wonderful the driftwood....I have been collecting small pieces of it to make a wreath for our lake house...I am about half way there...think I need to look!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - those picture frames are great!!! I love them!!!

Karen said...

Wonderful idea!! I'm going to make one of these for our new beach home. I'm your newest follower. Anymore beach home ideas??
Ladybug Creek

Helby said...

That's lovely!!

Sandy Ang said...

what a great project !

Sherry said...

Very nice! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

Melissa @ Loving this {crazy} life! said...

Ah, these remind me of being home! Love the idea, I'll have to do something like this for our new home!

Thanks for passing by my blog. You should link it up to my link party today.

I'm your newest follower!

Stacey said...

Those are adorable and cool!
I love the natural elements!
I would love if you stopped by my linky party happening now to link up - would love to have you there!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Lolly Jane said...

So creative!! LOVE these!!

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