Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Bevy of FREE Fantastic-ness...Blog Bling and Printables and Fonts!

As I was doing a Saturday morning stroll through a couple of my favorite blogs, I stopped by Just Something I Made to see if she had any new blog bling, and I found a bevy of bloggy fantastic-ness!  (and I love me some bevies of bloggy fantastic-nesses, in case you were wondering)...

Click above to be led to a wonderland of free stuff!

I bet you thought that was the end of the fantastic-ness, but NO....

Check this out....(and if you aren't the crafty type, just hold your pants on, I have stuff to take up some of your free time too)

Cathe Holden has created 14 beautiful vintage-style labels in 4 different colors for

Fun, huh?!

While over at I did a little lookin' around, and found even MORE free fun fantastic-ness! 

Follow me, won't you? 
(I meant "follow me" as in "let me show you the way"...buuuut, if you want to "follow me" as in "follow my blog"...well, I guess you could do that too if you want to...but no's not like I've led you to a virtual utopia of free fantastic-ness or anything. Like I said, no pressure.)

Check this out....

Valentine cuteness:
Critter Love

and Birthday cuteness:

and apothecary cuteness (my grandfather was a pharmacist, so gotta show some love)
apothecary labels

 and baby cuteness:

and some vintage frame cuteness:

and that's maybe a fifth of the printables that you can find for free at

If you like the font I used above, I found it at another one of my favorite blogs, Kevin and Amanda.  This one is called Pea Lovey Dovey and I found out about this site from ANOTHER one of my favorite blogs, Jones Design Company.

....oh, you like that little flourish, do you?  Funny, it's FREE TOO!  (Is this better than Christmas morning, or what!)'s like I'm givin' stuff away...teehee!  I found the link to this website via Makin' Cute Blogs who has pages of great freebies and freebie resources including clip art, fonts, backgrounds, blog bling...

I think I just might add Makin Cute Blogs to my list of favorite blogs.  Oh, haven't I mentioned it before? it's here.

If you don't know how to use all this free fantastic-ness, most of these blogs offer tutorials and FAQs to help you out...I'm going to leave all that up to the pros, as all this free fantastic-ness has just about worn me out!

(If  there's anything at all I can help you with, please don't hesitate to let me know :) 

I'm sure it goes without saying that I have not been compensated by anyone, including all of the blogs in this post and those on my list of favorite blogs (you didn't think I'd have the guts to sneak it in there again, did ya!), or anyone...unless you count the invaluable feeling of happiness I have from sharing this with my lovely friends (that would be you).

Now go have some fun...

Spreadin' the word of free fantastic-ness at these linky parties:
Domestically Speaking (Paint Projects)
Faded Charm (White Projects)

 take care - 

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Bama Girl said...

Erin, I'm overwhelmed at all this free 'stuff'! Thank you so much for sharing these sites with us! Those labels will really come in handy since I've taken the Impossibilities Challenge at "It all started with paint". I'm organizing my craft room for the challenge. I'll have to bookmark this and check them out when I really have some more time. Have a nice weekend! Blessings from Bama!


Thanks for sharing...I need to bookmark this page for keepers. Great stuff!


My Beautiful World said...

You are so kind my friend thank you so much for sharing all this loveliness with us. So wonderful to catch up with you again hope you have a great day.

Always Wendy

cindy said...

What a lovely day you have made into Saturday. Thanks for the info. I’m following you now!


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