Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is Grayish-Bluish-Green the New Beige?

From our foyer, one can see about half of our house, so I'm looking for a neutral color that I can paint most of it.
I'm kind of bored of the typical beige color that we had in our last house...and as much as I love the look of all white, I like colored walls too much to use it.

My husband and I both love blue - and we live at a lake, so we'd like our home to give a subtle casual beach vibe.

Sounds easy enough...
...or not.  This is my 2nd set of paint chips.  Usually, I go to the store, stare at the swatches, pick one and paint.

But I need something soothing since this is where I spend about 95% of my waking hours...with 2 toddlers...and a hyper dog who loves to bark at the 2350 rabbits in our yard.

I want a soft gray-blue with a hint of green.

Here are the top contenders...
This is an actual swatch from the Lowe's website, it looks more blue here than it does on the paper swatch. The first picture is actually closer to how it looks in person.

I know, I said no beige...but I'm drawn to this color and...

...this color.  Though I don't know if these colors might be too dark for such a big space.

Sea salt blue...sigh...can you the salt on your lips?
This is the shade my husband and I both liked from the first set of paint chips...and the only one I carried into the second batch of options.

I've never tried buying the small sample paints before...usually I dive right in and buy the color I like.  

I think I'm going to try it this time because it's likely I'll be living with this color for a long time....and with 2 toddlers, I need as many soothing elements around me as possible!

Which of these colors do you like best?

take care -

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Fox Hollow Cottage said...

WELL! I am looking for a new beige, and it's all bout me right? So thanks, I love that ROPE =)

Just teasing. About the "me" part. hehe

I like that Sea Salt Blue too. Super pretty!

I think I am going to get a few samples, I have had paint chips on the wall of the living room for weeks, and it's not helping me at all!!

You should too, before you paint so much ;)

Christine said...

Sea salt blue or rope are my faves. I don't think any of them are too dark. When I pick a new paint I like to compare it to the other colors I already have in the room or the colors I plan on using after it's painted. Picking paint color is so much harder than it seems :)

Christine @

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Erin. Thank you for praying for Mattie and coming by to let me know that you're thinking of us. We haven't heard anything but I'm still holding on to hope.

I totally agree with blue being the new beige. I've prepped my bedroom walls and as soon as I can spend more time on my feet again, I'm painting it blue. It was beige/taupe. Blue is so hard to get right though. There are so many shades that I'm finding it difficult to get the right one. You know somewhere between sophisticated and cottage as opposed to cheesy.

I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend.
Hugs… Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

The Bold Abode said...

YES, YES, YES!!! Buy the samples!!! IT's totally worth it! I spent $30 on samples before I painted downstairs... If I had just bought the paint I first picked, I would have hated it! I learned the hard way, I tell ya. It's worth it in teh long run!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

I LOVE the Sea Salt Blue, but I have to agree with Gwen about buying the samples. My mom painted two rooms a color we picked out and the carpet brought out a different color so she repainted it all over again. Good luck and have fun!

P.j. said...

I haven't been here before, just stumbled onto your blog--actually tripped through from Our Prairie Home--but will offer some feedback.

I like the shade of the first blue sample you posted--'feeling blue', but it & a couple of others seem very different from the photo where they're all together. The 'sea salt blue' sample looks beige when it's alone, not blue at all. ?? The sample shown alone as 'travertine' looks like the one you'd marked "too peachy beige".

Anyway, the 'sea salt blue' appears to be a soft grayish blue with a hint of green, which sounds like what you're going for. I will check out the sample of 'feeling blue' for myself, for ceilings in the parlors of a historic house we're restoring. Thanks for the inspiration!

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