Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday: Pulchritudinous Pottery

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day..ours adventure?

It was Day #1 of Operation P (PeePee on the Potty)...

It did not go well. (As expected)...

I (jokingly) threatened to run away from home...on Mother's Day...

More on that later.

On to the good stuff...
Pulchritudinous Pottery.

Did you think pulchritudinous was a brand name or style of pottery?
Actually, it's's a word I came across in the thesaurus when looking up a more tantalizing word for "pretty."

I've probably slaughtered the way this word is supposed to be used...but since I can't begin to even pronounce it, I thought you'd forgive me this time.

Once again, narrowing down my list to just these pieces was really many amazing artists and so many beautiful creations.
I urge you to visit the shops (linked below the pictures when available) to see more of these artists' amazing work.

Rain Forest Leaf by Prince Design UK

Gorgeous, right?  Hopefully, you found some type of design inspiration from the work of these super-talented artists.

Thank you for joining me for another

Hope all of you are having a lovely week. 
And that you are not spending it potty training a toddler**. 

There may or may not be a pop quiz on the word, pulchritudinous.

**Of course I love and adore said toddler more than life itself.  I'm just being overly dramatic in an attempt to humor you.  
Especially those of you who have potty trained a toddler.  All advice is welcomed and appreciated!

take care -

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Fox Hollow Cottage said...

That potty training takes time. And they are smart little stinkers ;) We got him used to the feel of the potty very casually for weeks, on off. No pressure. I did a diaper countdown. We weaned of diapers, to pull ups. It was visual. He could see them disappearing. The we used pull ups and we had the big boy underwear right next to them. As they were gone it became underwear only. He knew there were no more diapers. They were "all gone". He only ever had two accidents.

We did Pull-ups for night time for a bit, but not long.

Good Luck!!!!

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

That is one of my all time favorite words! Good luck with the potty!

Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

Oh my, I dearly love the wall sconce pottery!!!!
As far as potty training...I have no clue! My sister bribed my nephew with a power wheels after he went a certain amount of time without accidents. She was shocked at the efficacy. :)

Anna bell said...

Hey erin, came across my soap dish on you blog...really glad you like it amongst the other lovely items. Best, anna

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