Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday: Inspirational Photography

Happy May!

I'm pretty excited about this week's Whimsical Wednesday -
Photography - something I know absolutely nothing about, other than picking out what I like.

There are so many amazing artists on Etsy, it was hard to pick and choose just a few prints to share here.

But enough from me...enjoy!

Wow, right?
I know.

Off to take the kids for a walk before it gets hot (84 degrees in May in OHIO...kinda crazy!)

Thank you for joining me for another

take care -

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Altax said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Preschool Games

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh' Erin, your comments on my post about missing Mattie meant so much to me when I read them tonight. Thank you for taking the time to share all the tips with me and most of all for your prayers. It really touches my heart to know someone cares about how much she means to us. I have done some post and I will go back tomorrow and go door-to-door as well as contact all the agencies.

The photos you've shared are gorgeous. Thanks for posting so much beauty.

I hope you have a wonderful week Sweetie and thanks from the bottom of my heart for stopping by.
Hugs… Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

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