Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pinterest Wedding Envy

Have any of you married ladies made the mistake of  checking out wedding related boards on Pinterest?


I've limited myself to the decor-related boards because there's a lot of inspiration for retail displays and craft ideas...don't roll your eyes at's important that I stay on top of crafting trends.


My jealousy-filled outburst is inspired by this picture...

That is a barn.
Stunning, isn't it.
My wedding was in a mansion and didn't look as elegant.

Check out the lounge area...
Not sure how thrilled I'd be about sitting on bales of hay....but it sure does look beautiful.

This looks a little more comfy...

Want a little more barn wedding eye candy...what else do you have to do, right...

And then, there are all the lovely drool-worthy, vintage details:

Since starting to make paper wreaths, I've been lucky to be able to work with some amazingly creative brides lately on some of their wedding decor - 

Can't forget the cake...
check out these gorgeously-styled confections.
(I'm the one bride on Earth who took time to sit down and eat a huge piece of cake at her wedding)

If I would have just stayed in my Pinterest-deprived world, I could have lived the rest of my life not knowing of the amazing wedding loveliness that has come about since 2008.

You know what....all of this just makes me hungry for cake.

At least I don't have to worry about fitting in a wedding dress...bring on the cake!

take care -

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1 comment:

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

And I shall paint my memories with those images, so that when I see what I see in my minds eye, it will be ever more beautiful...

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