Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Favorite Pins of the (Last Few) Week(s), vol. 4

Max started preschool in October, and he's had some type of cold or ear infection the entire time.  

So has the rest of our family.

I usually don't get sick, but his current cold must be a good one, because it's even made it to me.

Right now, daddy is giving the Dynamic Duo a bath, and mommy gets 10 minutes of blissful alone time....and look, I'm spending it here.  That's love.

Here's what else I've been loving lately....

And we all need to see this message every now and then....especially on a Monday.
  I pinned it to my "Free For All" board, but wanted to link to the blog - JKJK- since it's a printable.


So, when Max's teachers asked him what he knew about turkeys, he told them that they say, "wobble, wobble."  

When asked what he was thankful for - he said, "Mommy, Daddy, and dinner." 
(To be honest, I'm surprised I made the cut, usually Daddy is the center of his universe and Mommy ranks along with shots and vegetables)

Recently, in school, they've been talking about being happy and sad, so he'll frequently announce to us that, "Max is happy"...
Or, he'll ask me if I'm happy or sad.  If he sees a picture of someone smiling, he'll tell me that they are happy, along with a goofy, toothy smile.

I could kiss his teacher - what a gift - to hear your child tell you that he/she is happy.  That simple sentence has been pretty much my life's work for the past 3.5 years.
I'm a little misty-eyed just thinking about it.

Then, there's Emme - I get misty-eyed thinking about prom-dress shopping...and not in a good way.
Recently, a mom told me I was lucky that I had a boy then a girl, so Max could keep an eye on Emme.


At Emme's 2 year well-child check up, her pediatrician told us that she will likely be 6'4" when she's fully grown.
Don't think she'll need any protection from anything.

Right now, her favorite phrases are "Stop it" and "Do it" and "I do it."
Luckily, her independence is rubbing off on Max, and he's become more insistent on doing things on his own.

Bath time is wrapping up, so I should probably do the same before I'm attacked by naked toddlers.

It's a good life.

Have a great week!
take care -

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