Sunday, October 16, 2011

Salvaged Sunday -Vintage Baby Scale

I've mentioned a couple times that I'm in the process of trying to start selling vintage items on Etsy and locally in my area.  Right now, I'm trying to find a place that will allow me to sell repurposed items...most places around here want strictly antiques or want to sell on consignment.  We don't have cool craft shows in central Ohio (that I know of) like I see (and envy) on other blogs. If anyone has any helpful tips on this whole process, I'd really appreciate it.
So anyway, my mom and I went hunting for some treasures this weekend, in an attempt to build up some of the items I've been looking for is old scales, and I came across this old baby scale at a consignment shop for $12.00:

(Not my picture, I'm too worn out from the weekend to go through that whole rig-a-ma-roll tonight....traveling alone with 2 babies is a lot of work!)

It was high up on a shelf in a basket...all dusty, but in good condition.  It made me wonder why someone wouldn't at least wipe it off before displaying it....It took me 5 minutes to search on ebay for "vintage baby scale" to see one identical to mine (shown above) with 9 bids on it for $36.00.  So dust it off, and make 3 times more...maybe I'm missing something.

Last week, I mentioned that I was working on an old chest that I'd share...after a TON of work on it, you can find it here.
I'm planning to start "Salvaged Sunday" and "Whimsical Wednesday" to share some of the things I find at garage sales, in barns, etc....or online.  Wow, I'm so tired...for some reason my lovely children have been waking up at 4am for the past week....and they are ready to PARTY LIKE ROCKSTARS.  So, I apologize if this is the most boring-est post ever, but I wanted to share my fun find!!

Did you find any goodies this weekend?  Please do share...

take care -

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