Monday, October 3, 2011

Exciting Times - A Move and a Name Change

I decided to move from Wordpress to Blogger because I think Blogger is A LOT easier, they don't charge to let you change font, or backgrounds, and they allow you to use Google Friend Connect.  Overall, Blogger allows you more opportunities to customize your blog.  Although there I visit and enjoy a lot of different blogs, I don't want necessarily want 20+ new emails every day (on top of the 50 I get that I already don't have time to read).  I like the option to have Google Friend Connect because you can show your interest without all of the commitment. :)

Salvaged:  the act of saving or rescuing property in danger
Whimsy: an odd or fanciful notion

It took me forever to decide on my name, so I originally went with my kids' names until I could make up my mind.  I don't have any followers yet (sniffle, sniffle), so I didn't think anyone would notice the change.  I picked Salvaged Whimsy as I'm currently in the midst of starting a new business refinishing and repurposing and saving cool old stuff.  More on that to come..promise!

....and if you'd want to become a follower, it would be the most exciting thing to happen to me in a week, maybe even a month! (I did get seedless grapes on sale for $.99/pound a couple weeks ago, and that was pretty thrilling!) No pressure though.

take care -

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