Monday, August 8, 2011

Make Me Laugh

I've decided I need to have a video camera taping here 24/7 - my babies are hysterical - they make me laugh outloud every day.  There are sooooo many moments I wish I had recorded, that I don't even remember any more.   Tonight, Max was doing the dance at the beginning of "Blue's Clues"  (Or "blucu" as Max refers to it)  where he sits in the chair and puts his chin on his fists....he was following everything that "joe" was doing.  if only he followed me so well.  

Then, there's Emme's laugh.  She IDOLIZES her brother...he could throw her down the stairs and she'd laugh at him (not that I'm condoning this in any way).  She has the most obnoxious, loud laugh....just hearing her laugh makes me laugh out loud.  I'm currently on a mission to catch her laughing on I can't imagine that anyone could watch it and not at least smile.

I'm one lucky mama!

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