Monday, August 1, 2011

Battle of the Blocks

Earlier today Max and I staged an epic face-off that I'm sure is first of many about putting his toys awayMax poured his bucket of blocks all over the floor and I told him that he couln't have a bottle, juice, or get out more toys until he put them away.  He put most of them away, save 5 or test me...but I held strong and continued to ask him to put them away (very politely).  My request didn't impress him, so he threw one of his all-out screaming and stomping fits (trying to weaken me through his pity-tactic!).  Patiently, I voiced my request over and over....he did not waiver and decided it would be better to dump out all the blocks again.   Hmmmmm, a blitz of little, I brought in the secret weapon - Emme- I assisted her in putting several of the blocks away and gave tons of praise for doing so.  Typically Max falls for this tactic, but today he is stronger than I thought.

Back and forth we went for over an hour.  Each of us employing all available "weapons" - but to no avail, we both stood strong.  Finally, with the lengthy tantrum-throwing taking it's toll...Max was weak and I made my final charge....animal noises.  By imitating the noises of the animals and vehicles pictured on the blocks, I convinced Max to put them in their "home" so they could "nap."  Today, victory is mine in the Battle of the Blocks....but I know the war of the toys has just begun.  We celebrated my victory with juice and a bottle of  the finest milk in town...and a diaper change.

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