Monday, October 29, 2012

Favorite Pins of the Week, vol. 2

Max has been sick for 2 weeks and on 2 different antibiotics.  I didn't know antibiotics could turn some small children into satan's spon?   Why did no one (ahem......Urgent Care Pediatrician, 24-hour pharmacist, regular pediatrician, regular pharmacist) mention this to me in passing?  

Guess I'll chalk it up to THING #51,466 that no one ever tells you about being a parent.  Not sure what's worse....not knowing why your child is suddenly throwing epic temper tantrums OR knowing that you are purposefully giving them something that could cause epic temper tantrums.  Good Times.

When all else fails, Pinterest always makes me I hope this week's pins bring you a moment of happiness:

(I would give a kidney for this island.  So if anyone needs Christmas gift ideas for me....)

do I note a hint of skepticism?

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oh, oh, oh...and I also wanted to suggest a Pinner you might want to check out....Jen of Rambling Renovators.  (she isn't paying me, she doesn't even know me...I just like her taste) 

and, if you have anyone you'd like to suggest to me, I'd appreciate it! 

It's unlikely that anyone who's in the projected path of the storm on the East Coast is web surfing - but I just want to put it out there that you're being thought for and cared about.  I hope and pray that you, your families, your friends...everyone...are safe and unaffected by the hurricane and its aftermath. 

take care -

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Art and Sand said...

I don't think I would give a kidney, but that island is pretty amazing. My cottage is too small for the island, but I would love that great little ladder.

Gwen said...

I LOVE that daybed..

and the dog! Hahahah...

How are you, girl???

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